World best sound and blade effect boards are here !!

Plecter labs is more than 10 years experienced in making sound and blade effects boards for light sabers. Their boards are the fastest on the market , used an appraised all over the world.

Elegant Weapons is the official supplier of Plecter boards for europe individuals and sabers companies.

The Boards


70,00 taxes inc.

349 in stock (can be backordered)

Software version : 10.005D


50,00 taxes inc.

8 in stock

8 in stock

Last boards no more production

Trident RGB

99,00 taxes inc.

41 in stock

41 in stock

Power extender

8,00 taxes inc.

47 in stock

47 in stock

Color extender

199,00 taxes inc.

7 in stock

7 in stock

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