The PDWN line up started when we founded ELEGANT WEAPONS. It was our first model released.

This is now version Mk4, here are it’s features :


  • Better grip / handling
  • New look, with bigger holes to let light flows.
  • Compatible with the brass pommel and its weights
  • Sound enabled , with smooth swing (mode mute available)
  • Different sound fonts
  • RGB colour mixing for blade
  • Blade effects
  • Flash on Clash and Force lightning effects


and still with the agreement from the French Fencing Federation (with a MG-M blade) and compliant with SSL rules (with a MG-L blade).


RGB Core is the electroniq brain and heart of the saber.

This is the part inside the saber’s hilt. Its equiped with a electronic circuit from LGT which manages sounds, colours and blade effects. It also sport the battery and the LEDs.

You can chose from 9 sound fonts,  3 sound settings : mute, regular and loud.

Chose between many blade colours formed by mixing red, green and blue levels form the LEDs.

Manual available here (fr only for the moment) : CORE RGB Manual


Hilt + Core without blade +  MG-XS blade + MG-S blade + MG-M blade + MG-L blade
WEIGHT 307 gr 441 gr 467 gr 522 gr 540 gr
LENGTH 11,81 inches 28,62 ±0,2 inches 32,56 ±0,2 inches  40,55  ±0,2 inches 44,49 ± 0,2 inches

Warning : weights and lengths may varies*

Weights :

Hilt Weight
Alone 307gr
+ MG-XS blade 441gr
+ MG-S blade 467gr
+ MG-M blade 522gr
+ MG-L blade 540gr

Lengths :

Hilt Length
Alone 11,81
+ MG-XS blade 28,62±0,2
+ MG-S blade 32,56±0,2
+ MG-M blade 40,55±0,2
+ MG-L blade 44,49±0,2

Attention : les poids et longueurs peuvent variés très légèrement. De quelques grammes ou milimètres.


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