Our new short light saber.

The KAMINO is a short saber, a shoto, ideal for laserists who want to practice with two weapons. It’s a saber for the secondary hand, but it’s also suitable for children.

We’ve taken our customers’ requests into account: this is a multi-colored, sturdy saber like a CONSULAR, with simple, reliable electronics. The KAMINO chassis allows you to change colors manually, using small switches on the back of the saber. It also features a charging port to reduce the need to manipulate the pommel.

The new EW chassis keeps the components snug, and an intelligent wedge system makes the whole unit compact. No more movement inside the saber!

No more cables either, as a spring-loaded connector system connects the new LED module.


How to change colors

Changing blade colors is very simple. Unscrew the pommel to access the rear of the frame, where you’ll find three small switches. Each corresponds to a color: 1- Red, 2- Green, 3- Blue.

Flip the switches to activate the corresponding color. It is therefore possible to mix colors. Beware: your saber’s autonomy will diminish accordingly.


Like the CONSULAIRE, PDWN and former SKOLR, the KAMINO complies with the specifications of the French Federation Federation.

Its robustness and easy maintenance make it a reliable, long-lasting weapon, with an autonomy of over 4 hours. Ideal for clubs where the equipment is used continuously during classes. 


Parts fot the KAMINO

Warning !

Weights and couplers will be available soon.
Please note that PDWN MK.4 and CONSULAIRE Mk.1 couplers are not compatible with CONSULAIRE Mk.2 or KAMINO MK.2.



Our blades are made of transparent polycarbonate, all midgrade (~2mm thick), with polypropylene film rolled inside to make a diffuser. They are FFE-approved for competition use.

They are available in 3 sizes: S, M, L (approx. 60, 82, 90 cm).


Although not authorized by the French Fencing Federation, KAMINO is compatible with the TSUBA.


Technical details for KAMINO

Hilt  & battery & LED No blade + blade MG-S + blade MG-M + blade MG-L
WEIGHT 270 gr 422 gr 491 gr 507 gr
LENGTH 20,2 cm ~78,2cm ±5mm  ~98.2 cm ±5mm  ~1,08 m ±5mm

Warning : weights and lengths may vary very slightly. From a few grams to a few millimeters. The blade fits 5 cm inside the saber.


Hilt  & battery & LED WEIGHT
No blade 270gr
+ blade MG-S 432gr
+ blade MG-M 481gr
+ blade MG-L 507gr


Hilt  & battery & LED LENGTH
No blade 20.2 cm
+ blade MG-S ~78.2 cm ±5mm
+ blade MG-M  ~98.2 cm ±5mm
+ blade MG-L  ~1,08 m ±5mm

Warning : weights and lengths may vary very slightly. From a few grams to a few millimeters. The blade fits 5 cm inside the saber.