Our most robust an technical light saber ever.

This is a light saber designed ti be lightm fast and maneuvarable. And also to be terribly efficient in the hand of skill competitors.

With a slightly curved hilt and the grip groove behind the switch it’s even easier to hold.

But what competitors and martial artists will appreciate is the ability to balance the Consular to their personal style! The brass weight kit will be also available.

It’s equipped with the new Kamino core, a more robust chassis with a charging port and multiple color management for the blade. No need to buy new led kit modules, choose from 3 colors, or a mix of colors directly from the saber.


How to change blade color

hanging blade colors is very simple. Unscrew the hilt mid part to access the rear of the chassis, where you’ll find three small switches. Each corresponds to a color: 1- Red, 2- Green, 3- Blue.

Flip the switches to activate the corresponding color. It is therefore possible to mix colors. Beware: your saber’s autonomy will diminish accordingly.

Blade, battery charger and weight kit are optional extras.

Compliant with FFE rules

The successor to the SKOLR and the CONSULAR Mk.1 light saber is the model most widely used in French Fencing Federation clubs and for competitions.

Equipped with an MG-M blade, it meets all the regulatory criteria for federal practice. The brass pommel is also authorized by the regulations.

Its sturdiness and easy maintenance make it a reliable, long-lasting weapon, with a range of over 4 hours (using a single color). Ideal for clubs where equipment is in high demand.

It is available as a packs for French Fencing Federation clubs wishing to open up or extend their Light Saber practice. 


Warning !

Weights and couplers will be available soon.
Please note that PDWN MK.4 and CONSULAIRE Mk.1 couplers are not compatible with CONSULAIRE Mk.2 or KAMINO MK.2.



Our blades are made of transparent polycarbonate, all midgrade (~2mm thick), with polypropylene filament rolled inside to make a diffuser. They are also FFE-approved for competition use.

They are available in 3 sizes: S, M, L (approx. 60, 82, 90 cm).


Although not authorized by the French Fencing Federation, KAMINO is compatible with TSUBA.



HILT with battery & LED No blade + blade MG-S + blade MG-M + blade MG-L
WEIGHT 333 gr 495 gr 544 gr 570 gr
LENGTH 26,7 cm ~83 cm ±5mm  ~1,03 m ±5mm  ~1,13 m ±5mm

Warning : weights and lengths may vary very slightly. From a few grams to a few millimeters. The blade fits 5 cm inside the saber.

Weight :

HILT with battery & LED Weight
No blade 333gr
+ blade MG-S 495gr
+ blade MG-M 544gr
+ blade MG-L 570gr

Longueurs :

HILT with battery & LED Longueur
No blade 26,7cm
+ blade MG-S ~83 cm ±5mm
+ blade MG-M  ~1,03 m ±5mm
+ blade MG-L  ~1,13 m ±5mm

Warning : weights and lengths may vary very slightly. From a few grams to a few millimeters. The blade fits 5 cm inside the saber.