27 mars 2021



Dear Plecter Labs enthousiasts, supporters, bulkers, affiliates,

This announcement is co-written between PlecterLab’s and Elegant Weapons.

As you might know, there is a worldwide shortage on a key component needed to build CFX. The component is the motion sensor (well the mcu are slowly going the same way .. but not as bad).

The company producing this chip announced their best lead time for October 2021 (but it could be later).

We tried to secure thousands of sensors back in December but our order won’t be delivered to us.
We tried to buy on other sources in February but the stock has been pre-empted by some big industrials (phone and car makers).

During this period, despite our best efforts to secure some sensors even at a higher (but still reasonable) price we are not able to produce boards for the time being.

We know this is a dire situation for saber shops and sabers DIYers. We are actively looking to find solutions.

At the moment we are pursuing two leads:

1st – unlikely to give a positive outcome – We are still trying to find a proper supplier, at a decent price

2nd – Plecter Lab’s Erv’ is actively looking for a replacement part or design update. This solution, however, is and will be time consuming : first there is the search for a suitable replacement, if one is found there will be time taken to redo the electronic design, maybe some code to be produced and tested, prototypes, in hilt checks then production…. The end product might even be a different board.

This is were we are standing right now.

EW team.


Q/ Do you still have board to sell ?
A/ Just a handful of them. And they are almost all gone. Don’t try to bargain with us by email, we will add item to the shop when time comes.

Q/ When do you plan for CFX being available anew ?
A/ We hope to have some boards by the end of 2021

Q/ Can I buy all your stock ?
A/ You can only buy what’s on the retail shop for now ( 

Q/ Can I preorder for when board will be available again and get served first?
A/ Yes contact us by mail, we will details what can be done with you.

Q/ Do you plan to make a board with motion sensor at the high price ?
A/ If plan 1 and 2 fail we could consider it, but the retail price will be indexed buy the cost of the sensors (which is, again, “crazy-to-the-roof” right now, due to broker’s speculation)