Howdy everyone !

Welcome on our new website and shop.

Why a new website ?

First some history : the previous website was all custom made by our very hands and it’s maintenance takes a heavier toll every week. We hope transiting on a WordPress framework will give us mort time to focus on creating and building products.

Same goes for the shop, we did it ourselves as long as it backoffice, cart pages, payment solutions … Here too we hope ti gain time and offer more features.

What happens to my account ?

Theoritically we have imported all the accounts created on the previous site into the new one, your logins(email) and password should the same.

Regarding your addresses, we could only manage to transfer your billing address. If you had a different shipping one, you will have to set it again.

Payment data ? we did never had them so basically .. nothing changes and it’s for the best ! 🙂

What now what are we up to ?

To begin with, all the site and items is not fully translated, and some content might be missing or not fully accurate. We will continuously update as fast as possible. Feel free to notify us if you encounter anything weird.

Also, StarWars Ep8 and Christmas are just around the corner! We have a hell load of orders to build and ship, some are really overdued (sorry folks, it’s coming in the next few days).

And to conclude

EWMS. We had to face some issues and delays from our manufacturres, and solve some technical issue we could not let go in to your hands. The line up should be available in the next few weeks (maybe days as I am redacting this in the past … )

What we can share as of today : the first small batch is almost ready to ship, there won’t be enough for everyone on day 1, but we already placed orders for new parts. First models will be sold in unicolor setup, but customisation will be opened as soon as we get the extra parts.

The first EWMS sabers will be equiped with Cristal Shards boards from PlecterLabs. This cards enable multiple blade colors and different sounds banks. In the future sound effects will be optionable. And for the most curious and up to date of you, later (early 2018) we will certainly proposing “neopixel” blades.