Crystal Focus Saber Core™ V9.0


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Plecter Lab Crystal Focus CF 9

The famous Crystal Focus V9  is finally available in Europe with almost no limits !

La fameuse carte Crystal Focus V9  est finalement disponible en Europe et quasiment sans limite !

You know this card is the most complete, the fastest and with the best sounds! If you are a seasoned smith this is the ultimate card for your builds and give your customers the  most valuable experience.

Vous le savez c’est la carte la plus complète, la plus rapide et avec la meilleur qualité de son sur le marché. Si vous êtes un intégrateur ou forgeron d’expérience c’est LA carte pour offrir à vos client le meilleur des sabres.

New Features   / Nouvelles fonctionnalités


  •  iSaber Multitrack playing (track + saber Fx) with individual volume control
  • iSaber Fx swing clash stab and spin.
  • iSaber classic flicker + pulse or dynamic flicker (audio flicker)
  • iSaber specific font selection, or latest used (selected via the font menu prior entering iSaber)
  • Improved vocal menu audio real time mixing
  • Up to 16 color profiles
  • Spectrum™: a dynamic motion-based Color selection method
  • Improved color morphing between profiles
  • Mute-power-off (along with Mute-On-The-Go)
  • Specific start color profile (font specific)
  • Per Color Profile FoC mixing
  • Colder / More efficient power management
  • Omnisaber support
  • Accubolt & Multi bolt ported to CF (inherits from Prizm v5)
  • Deep Sleep & Deep Sleep pad (to power aux. electronics like a BT module, and accents)
  • New dimensions 50.77 x 22.13mm. Narrower PCB (< 7/8″)
  • End of lockup sound slot for a smoother transition when returning to hum (ported from Blaster Core)
  • 16 bit motion sensing, larger motion dynamic range
  • Even faster motion sensing with improved (lower) motion-tosound latency, now down to 4.74ms

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